Rose Otto Organic Facial Toner

Rose Otto Organic Facial Toner

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SuVonne Organic Rose Otto toner is an excellent humectant that helps to keep moisture in your skin. It cools and has natural calming properties to nourish the skin. This toner is good for all skin types especially mature and dry skin.  The toner will leave your skin looking radiant. Wonderful skin toner for the mature and dry skin types.


Benefits: World renown for its skin healing abilities

Directions for use: After using Suvonne Facial Cleansing Oil, spray the toner on a cotton pad and apply to your face and neck; make sure to use upward strokes.  After applying the toner, apply SuVonne Rejuvenating Facial Oil to complete the facial regiment.


Ingredients: Rose Otto Hydrosol, steamed distilled, made from the flower



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